The Campaign for the actress Hajrie Rondo

In January of 2014, when the well-known actress Hajrie Rondo was diagnosed with a severe illness, we thought to go beyond what we initially intended to do. We started a broad awareness and fundraising campaign to help the actress in those very difficult times of her life.

This would be our first initiative, which was shared quickly to all social media networks, to be followed by further meetings in the service of this issue.

Here is an abstract of the campaign for the social media;

“Dear Friends! Together we learned to share joy, good work, achievements and successes. We consider them as common, as long as we are part of a society, and part of the human race. However, the same as we share benefits, we are bound to share troubles also. The troubles that do not let us know they are coming, those that come and find us unprepared. Those troubles that come whilst we are knitting dreams and paving the roads of hope…
So it was with the icon of the Albanian Cinematography, the actress Hajrie Rondo. She now suffers from a serious illness, for which she has no necessary financial means for treatment.

Dear friends! Hajrie has over 120 roles in her career. She has given so much to the art and culture of the country and has become one of the ambassadors of our culture abroad. So, let’s give something today!

Help HAJRIE, because she needs more than ever! We have just launched a fundraising campaign and appealing for donations for the actress, so please joi us. Town Hall Fier, invite all women and girls who feel they can provide assistance to this great woman, to become part of our initiative.
The event begins at 9:00 pm. You can also give your contributions for Hajrie in the NCB account number 526384171 “.

Hajrie Rondo today enjoys good health. …